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Any consumer protection for cruise service changes?

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New to cruising and I’m shocked at the disregard for customers after paying in full.   NCL Pride of America Hawaiian cruise reduced many services due to not properly staffing their cruise.   Those who didn’t fully pay were rewarded with a generous cancellation.   We payed in full, but are no longer interested with the reduced services. Or at least we’d like to be compensated with a better room or something.  Vanessa, the agent that was very pleasant while accepting our money, now coldly says nothing can be done, and there is no avenue to escalate.   It seems like cruise ships are allowed to bait and switch at will, making tremendous profits at the expense of their gullible customers.   I assume there must be some consumer rights when companies violate you.  My attempts to reach the customer service, and have the agent follow are shockingly dead ends.  

This must happen a lot, so I’m looking for any guidance on how to be treated fairly and Norwegian Cruise line.

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Good luck!  The cruise contract lays it all out and is 110% in favor of the cruise company.  But I do agree with you - we as passengers should have better options to make the cruiselines live up to their promises.  It doesn’t help that most are flagged in foreign countries to make it harder to go after them. 

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@Jonzzz It sounds to me like the travel agent gave up.  I cannot imagine having a different refund policy for fully paid customers than the non-fully paid.  I think the compensation packages/cancellation packages are the same across the customers.  Take note also if the ticket you bought is not refundable, and can only get cruise credits.  I would call NCL directly and probably use another travel agent.

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