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That other cruise critical website claims to be all things cruise related but I have realized the last 2 years how liberal they are and how much they censor. They don’t post any news that puts the cruise industry in a negative light. They censor any posts on their open forums that don’t agree with their liberal narrative. 

Cruisehive’s news section is great - lots of cruise news not found on that other site. I wish the forums here were more active - no censoring so far. Both sides need to be heard. 

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Hi @FJB, thanks so much for the comment and glad you're enjoy reading the latest unbiased cruise news. Our forums are new and have only been active since the end of last year, so it will take some time for them to grow. We haven't even promoted our forums at all yet and have plenty of ideas for the future too. Thanks again for your post and all the best! 😁

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On 10/18/2022 at 11:23 PM, Richard addrisi said:

I have taken many cruises, always stress free!

So have many others Richard and yes life is good. 😃 So how many cruises have you been on and do you have a preferred cruise line ? Yes it is good to have a site that doesn't censor news but we should all be aware that some news articles are invented ( like the false info sometimes on Wikipedia ).

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