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Ship being pulled for dry dock

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just heard the news and we just made final payment last week for the November 1st cruise. I am also concerned.  We are in Europe for two weeks prior to the cruise. We have been on 30+ previous cruises but never had a cancellation. If NCL cancels do to the ship being in dry dock, do they refund the payment?

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We had our Sept cruise cancelled which was paid with a voucher from another cancelled cruise. the original voucher was dated for the end of Dec 22. They just reissued the same voucher still dated Dec 22. Its impossible to move my vacation dates from what we booked off for the cruise, so now NCL just get to keep my money. Great custom service.

I'm pretty sure that my £3,000 means more to me than them.

Will defiantly book again, and I'll recommend you to everyone I know.....NOT!!! 

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Paul, Norwegian is offering to rebook the cancelled guests onto Getaway instead, with what I heard would’ve been the Escape’s original itinerary, but at a much-discounted price.  Getaway is a great ship with excellent shows.  If your vacation dates are set, and you have no other timeframe in which to use your voucher, then DEFINITELY choose their offer to switch you to the Getaway.  That would be my choice.  Greek Isles calling your name!!!

Having said that, if your heart was on sailing the Escape, then pick out a future itinerary and CALL your Travel agent or NCL’s personal cruise consultant and request your voucher be extended due to Norwegian’s unplanned cancellation.  Having a future date in mind shows your intention to reschedule.  They will definitely extend it for you.

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On 7/4/2022 at 3:06 PM, Warren Allgyer said:

According to the announcement from NCL this was an unscheduled dry dock and four weeks of scheduled cruises were cancelled, refunded, and compensated with future cruise credits. I am scheduled for its first cruise back on October 12 and I am deeply concerned.

Warren & DeanneB, I would be feeling the same uncertainty as you.  However, there are a couple things to look forward to:  

The ship will be safer after the dry dock.  (They’re required to dry dock every 3 years anyway.  This will be only 2 years since Escape’s last, which tells me they really think it’s needed.)

It seems highly likely they can finish the work in the allotted time.  They know exactly what repair needs made, so I suspect they will keep to the schedule.

You can still get travel insurance if you haven’t purchased it already… that would give you more peace of mind about an unplanned cancellation.

They may do other rehab besides just improving the current patch job from the spring accident.  Might be new linens (awesome), other decor changes, fresh looks, new sports equipment, maybe new phone charging capabilities or new TV’s or dining chairs, etc.  It’s not very often that you get to sail on a fresh ship!

There will be a thorough cleaning of the ship when in dry dock.  You’ll be guaranteed a sanitized cabin!

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