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Vacation Package Accident Claim?

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Hello,  my wife and I recently did a 7-day cruise on Carnival Panorama and on the third day my wife while walking to an event in the afternoon, her tennis shoe caught the edge of the silver thresholds on the floors and she tripped and fell. She bruised her knee and wrist and thought it would be sore for a bit but did not immediately report it/ AS the day wore on, it the pain continued to get worse until later that evening when she could hardly use her wrist or walk. We went to medical that night for medical attention X-rays and was charged $430. We also fled a report with security. For the rest of the cruise we used a wheel chair.

At the time of the accident, my wife was not running, she does not drink and was walking straight with a couple friends who were witness of the fall. We tried to contest the medical charges but Carnival did not budge. They only said when you get home, submit it to your insurance. 

Before the cruise we purchased the Carnival Vacation Insurance. I asked the Guests services about that and they kept saying submit it to your own insurance when home. 

Couple questions: 

Does the Carnival Vacation Insurance with up to $10,000 in medical cover an incident like this? 

What is the contact for Vacation Insurance? We see the charge $98 for the insurance, but no contact information other than how to purchase it. I see the footnote on Carnival website that it might be through Nationwide? 

Any other advice on this to get the medical taken care of?

Thanks, Jim

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These are questions you should ask the insurance company, not a random internet message board. I hope that the resolution is adequate, and that your wife feels better soon! If you could update us how this turns out, it would be helpful for others to see how easily, or how difficult to deal with, the insurance you purchase directly through Carnival is.

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Sorry for the accident, that has to put a real damper on the cruise. I've always get the vacation plan now a days. Carnival does an outstanding job of hiding the details, likely because there's so much variation. Here's what I could find beyond the marketing info:


it appears to my 'untrained eye' the accident is covered and that claims are handled by AON. Hope this helps

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Before the travel insurance company will cover an expense, especially a medical claim, they want to be sure there is no duplication of benefits through your traditional insurance. The easiest pathway to that is to submit to your health insurance and wait for the denied EOB (or other letter if in an HMO/Preferred provider situation), then along with the copies of the on board billing submit them to the insurance carrier listed for the policy.

For Carnival's Vacation Protection that insurance company's claim portal is here https://www.aontravelclaim.com/#/home

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