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We are not sailing again in Carnival and our friends. We used to travel every year a group of like 50 people. The vaccination requirement are completely unconstitutional. People who are afraid of Covid should get the vaccine. And people who does not want to get it then don’t get it. This is a free country. This is segregation and unlawful. We are still going to cruise but not with you guys.

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Notice the article says ports have refused entry to ships that have covid cases on board and then immediately says that cruise lines don’t want to deal with not being able to port because someone doesn’t have the booster. Those are 2 completely different things! We already know that the vaccine & boosters do not prevent covid. The ports aren’t refusing people who aren’t vaccinated, they’re refusing covid cases. Many of the countries are dropping the vaccine requirement so why aren’t cruise ships getting on board?? We wanted to take a cruise for our honeymoon but can’t because the cruiseship won’t let on anyone who’s not vaccinated, though the country we’re porting in as well as the countries we are visiting do not require the vaccine. Stop with these unconstitutional vaccine requirements so the rest of us can resume our cruise vacations! 

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It's more than unconstitutional, it defies medical science and common sense. Vaccinated passengers and crew are the ones spreading the omnicron. Cruise ship infections are a great scientific study of isolated participants and you can't blame unvaccinated people because they're not allowed on-board. Wake up people. Cruise ships companies can go broke as far as I'm concerned.

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