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Jackpot! Holland America Nieuw Statendam, March 17, 2024 cruising the Caribbean out of Ft Lauderdale, FL (Blackjack $5 side bet Jackpot win.)

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Pictured next to me below is a retired school teacher from Utah. We were playing Blackjack at the $6 table. I had been playing a few times/days w/ this lady at the same table. Blackjack pals. Plus, exchanged pleasantries during formal dining; she w/ her woman cruise friend.
She was placing $5 side bets often, seemed to be working out for her, the side bets... WHEN, low and behold... it hits... the JACKPOT - $10,000!!! (Matching Queen of Hearts w/ Dealer Hearts BJ) Casino brings out a - tray - of 100 black chips! She goes to the cashier, and I lost count of the $100 bills they started laying out! I believe the casino might have exchanged the $s for a "photo check" later that evening.
Like winning the Holland America lottery!!!
I just had to take a picture w/ her. 
As I asked for the picture and said "smile"... she says "oh, I never smile"... 
Haha! Clark

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-24 at 1.21.08 PM.jpeg

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@Balmy Jones That's such an awesome story! You must have been in such shock because winning the $10,000 jackpot is a big deal. I haven't seen it done in real life before, but I also don't spend much time in the casino. It's such a sweet photo of an exceptional memory. Now that you know it's possible, I'm sure you will continue playing on all HAL ships. This must have made you cruise complete! Was this your first time cruising on Nieuw Statendam?

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@Balmy Jones That must have been so epic! It's quite rare to see it all happen in real life. I haven't seen anyone hit the jackpot before. Maybe that's why I don't play very often, because I don't think it's even possible. I doubt it's worth the gamble! This photo is work 1,000 words. You look so happy, and I'm so glad you were able to document such an experience. I'm assuming you are a blackjack person. Is that your favorite casino game? 

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