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  1. Any idea the difference in port fee expense of Labadee vs Nassau? I'm guessing RCL would eat any additional fee, and credit your acct if lower?
  2. Wow! That ice carving. I have not seen those on my Holland America cruises dating back to pre-pandemic. (Sans carvings, the Lido buffets are world class.)
  3. Golly, been on a dozen Holland America cruises... Loved all of them. (Full disclosure, I tip pretty well... treated like royalty, always a smile from the crew. Love it, love it, love it! (No, I do not work for HA🤣... just a regular cruiser w/ them.))
  4. Pictured next to me below is a retired school teacher from Utah. We were playing Blackjack at the $6 table. I had been playing a few times/days w/ this lady at the same table. Blackjack pals. Plus, exchanged pleasantries during formal dining; she w/ her woman cruise friend. She was placing $5 side bets often, seemed to be working out for her, the side bets... WHEN, low and behold... it hits... the JACKPOT - $10,000!!! (Matching Queen of Hearts w/ Dealer Hearts BJ) Casino brings out a - tray - of 100 black chips! She goes to the cashier, and I lost count of the $100 bills they started laying out! I believe the casino might have exchanged the $s for a "photo check" later that evening. Like winning the Holland America lottery!!! I just had to take a picture w/ her. As I asked for the picture and said "smile"... she says "oh, I never smile"... Haha! Clark
  5. Love the Nieuw Statendam. I've cruised this ship 1/2 dozen times in the last couple years. Mostly out of Ft Lauderdale, FL. Most recently out of Copenhagen end of Aug, 2023. "Really enjoyed the North Atlantic cruise; just pulled into disembarkation port of Copenhagen. The North Atlantic, a nice respite from the heat of Florida. And picturesque scenery not found in the Caribbean." Always safety / comfort conscious, Captain Eric did a nice job of high-tailing it out of the Iceland area to avoid an incoming storm system and rough ocean. Smooth sailing throughout. I have a few more cruises on the Nieuw Statendam planned for the next 6 months. Bon voyage!
  6. Or it could simply be "Bidenomics"? 8% inflation cuts across everything.
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