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Bar Harbor, Maine limits cruise passenger visits

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It's the hypocrisy of so called environmentalists that discredits the notion of "green". Telling us phosphorus and lead are bad only to force the use of CFL lighting which has both. A pipeline is a sightly scar on the land but hundreds of acres of solar panels or windmills are just dandy. Millions of spent batteries from EVs won't be an environmental problem but other batteries are.

As world governments seek to empower all 8 billion people on the planet, doing without is no longer an option. As this appetite grows , unattractive remedies will be further employed in both our food and energy sources. Like most things,  $$$$ will determine access and acceptability. 

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@Seaawgs I agree that many of these statements and decisions are driven by strong financial backing and incentives. Thanks for sharing all of your supporting evidence here. This issue is far greater than our food sources. The issues of EV's and their emissions is such a scam to me. For a while there I believed that EV's were important to the future and our environmental development as a society but that is far from the truth. There was other underlying, monetary factors involved. I think an issue of sourcing fuel and having to import it to the US and other EV-loving countries is a factor. 

I wonder, now that more people area aware of this, if EV's will continue to be a trend. The self-driving situation didn't go so well for Tesla as many of their vehicles have been recalled due to safety. Do you think the love for EV's will continue to grow? 

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