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@Meredith P CCL is very accessible, as many major cruises lines out there today. I'm assuming this will be your first time cruising with a power wheelchair, but it's very common! Have you contacted the cruise line to ensure it will have the proper accommodations for you upon your arrival? The elevators can feel overwhelming and the hallways are narrow, but I think you will have a pleasurable experience! I recommend going on board with lots of patience and a good attitude. The buffets can have long lines and it can be crowded. I recommending dining in the MDR when possible! 

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I totally agree. My daughter in law has a fold up scooter for trips etc and finds it invaluable. One problem it does not like hills-good job there aren't any on a cruise ship. I have recently been on a NCL cruise and a wheelchair had fallen over during the night in the corridor blocking three quarters of the corridor, which is no good in an emergency. we did pick it up of course. YES I am totally behind the decision to limit the size as this does not stop the passenger from having a really enjoyable cruise,

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@Mavis Your cruise is coming up shortly! Which CCL ship will you be cruising on? 

CCL was recently in the spotlight for news released about its mobility scooter policy. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-clarifies-policy-after-misunderstanding/125800 It's worth reading up on! 

I hope you have a lovely cruise, and that you are able to feel comfortable and confident cruising while using your power wheelchair during your sailing! Like you said, no hills on a cruise ship. It's pretty flat ground and smooth sailing!


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