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  1. I totally agree. My daughter in law has a fold up scooter for trips etc and finds it invaluable. One problem it does not like hills-good job there aren't any on a cruise ship. I have recently been on a NCL cruise and a wheelchair had fallen over during the night in the corridor blocking three quarters of the corridor, which is no good in an emergency. we did pick it up of course. YES I am totally behind the decision to limit the size as this does not stop the passenger from having a really enjoyable cruise,
  2. After several calls chat and e mails, I eventually found out on the 11 Jan after another phone call that there is NO CHANGE and we are still docking in Buenos Aires. Communication not good.
  3. It is 5th February. Just wondering as don't know where to book transfer from to go to the hotel. I have been advised to book a transfer as a scramble for taxis otherwise. Many thanks
  4. It was in the news one week ago in Cruise Hive about the terminal at Buenos Aires collapsing and using another port. Is there any more update as I have heard nothing from NCL yet?
  5. We have 3 days in Santiago and 3 days in Buenos Aires. I have done lots of research and just can't wait. BUT making a decision is not so easy because of the choices. I am sure my friend and I will have a brill time and have a great cruise to South America and Antartica. We can't wait!! PS. Any tips on particular places in Santiago/must have visits in Santiago that are not on an excursion visit. Nothing with too much climbing though!! Many thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice. They both confirm what I was thinking. Many thanks.
  7. Currency South America My friend and I are cruising to South America in Jan/Feb 24 with stays in Buenos Aires and Santiago. I shall be using my Revolut Card, but need cash for smaller purchases. Are we better off using US Dollars to pay for things or exchange for local currencies? I did not realise there were so many different pesos!!
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