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From booking in SEPTEMBER 2022 on an MSC cruise ship SINFONIA  CRUISE DATE 05/04/2024 to today 08/02/2024 everything was cancelled and lost $2000 because of it, from EMIRATES AIRLINES surely if cruise customers cancel and are charged a fee then cruise companies should be also liable for cancellations. our trip was to fly from Brisbane, Australia, for three days in MILAN, a TRIP TO LAKE COMO, then down to GENOA pick up the cruise ship, and then on to MARSEILLE, BARCELONA, DAY AT SEA, TANGIERS, CASABLANCA, CETUNA, MALAGA, ALICANTE, DAY AT SEA, GENOA R&R, CORFU, KOTOR, SPLIT, AND BACK TO VENICE FOR THE FLIGHT HOME, WHAT A TRIP IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ?? SO PLEASE DONT ASK ME HOW I FEEL ABOUT MSC CRUISES, THESE AUSTRALIAN PENSIONERS ARE STILL WIPING THE TEARS AWAY   

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@brian amos Thanks for the update! To further understand this post, I would like to figure out what compensation MSC Cruises offered for this change. I'm assuming you now have a future cruise credit of a value of 125% of the cruises fare for the cruise line. The other option was to do this sailing on 08/02/2024 instead of the original cruise date of 05/04/2024? These new dates didn't work for you? All airline companies are like this. They will not refund you any money from airfare unless you purchases travel protection. This is the same for cruise lines. With documentation, however, the airlines will oftentimes issue a credit for a future flight to be used for an alternate cruises itinerary, such at the sailing on 08/02/2024 that you mentioned. Is that new date a non negotiable for you? 

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@brian amos This doesn't sound right. MSC Cruises always gives money back to its guests via credit or rebooking on another itinerary option. I have had an itinerary canceled by MSC Cruises due to Covid, and I was given a 125% cruise credit for a future cruise. I would love to hear more about the travel agent/travel agent company you booked with. This is very out of character for the line as other users have mentioned in the other threads you have created about this cancellation. Something just doesn't seem to be adding up here. From what I remember, you paid this cruise in full. That means, if the cruise line changes the sailing dates, you are entitled to reimbursement.

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