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Is there more in it than meets the eye? Is it MSC have dropped their anchor by selling cruises too cheap and this problem in the MIDDLE EAST is a way out? there are still MSC cruises going around the MEDITERRANEAN, even today you can book with MSC during those blocked out dates for our cruise, one being MSC SINFONIA, 05/04/2024 why not just miss out those ports and be at sea? as cruisers with MSC for the first time, this leaves a nasty taste in our mouths and bank balance because it is now over six weeks since the cancelations were announced and nothing from MSC or the travel agents, as to what is or not going on???????

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I don't think there is anything more than meets the eye.  MSC still has several ships sailing including in the med.   I would not be surprised to see them announce new sailings for this time period for the 2 ships they cancelled.   Many people would have booked those specific cruises for Isreal or other similar ports and are canceling so out of an abundance of caution.   We got our refund already for ours we had booked.   I had booked direct with MSC so it was easy.    if you booked with a TA you would need to contact them as MSC would have sent the info to them and not to you directly.

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@brian amos That's really frustrating! I'm surprised you haven't received any notification. Sometimes things take a minute to sort out, but I have always received really good response times from MSC Cruises. Usually, the line is one of the first to notify booked guests about changes. During the pandemic, MSC Cruises canceled many cruises but notified me with plenty of time. I received cruise credit/refund options very promptly going directly back into my bank account. It is unsettling, but I can pretty much guarantee that the cruise line is going to take care of you. I have yet to be left in the dust with no refund. In fact, one of my 7-night cruise itineraries was canceled and the line offered a hefty cruise credit, rebooking me on an amazing 14-night cruise. Unfortunately, we had to cancel because we couldn't take that much time off of work, but it was a huge upgrade we wish we could have enjoyed.

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