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Banned Forever

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@euroguy I understand that, but it's wild to think this person is banned for life! It's almost like a common mistake because it's not being used as a recreational drug. I have a legalized cream I use for joint aches, and I could easily just bring my cosmetic case along without even remembering it was in there! For the record, I would feel very differently if this was any other sort of non-legalized drug or non-prescribed narcotic, stimulant, or depressant. I mainly feel bad for this person because it's such a seemingly minor offense. 

@Woody14 That's very true. I just think the ban for life seems excessive, but the cruise lines have to follow through with their rules. 

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This is getting ridiculous. I was on the Dream lately and I went in the smoking area !! Man ! I thought it was drug for free zone not drug free zone !....... Illegal ? never seen soo many people smoking on a cruise ship ! I also meet a young contractor telling me how easy it was to bring THC vape cartridge onboard. He was doing it all the time. There was sniffing dogs in the terminal but ounce you get onboard you are free to do whatever you want. lots of people were doing it openly without hiding themself ... ridiculous !

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@american I hear this all the time! I have yet to encounter drugs on a cruise ship. It makes me even more upset to hear guests sneak drugs onboard all the time, but this one guest, with a minor offense, gets banned for life. I don't agree with the drug use onboard, but I do think it's hypocritical for guests to smoke illegal substances onboard with no remorse and then someone with a CBD cream gets such an extreme sentence. 

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