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  1. Hey I do understand your frustration ! this is no vacation at all ! But to be honest choosing any Carnival ship is not a good idea theses days. If they can cut the chicken breast in two in the buffet can you imagine what they can do with technical maintenance ! Since COVID I think they are cutting every thing in two to make more money !! cruise wisely, choose your cruise line
  2. I guess this is from FROBES the big corporate magazine that rank the most riches people and company in the world. Did you know that all cabin Stewart are trained and evaluated on the number of time they call you by your first name. They are not trained to keep your cabin clean for sure ! May be you can have a little peak at this : Carnival Cruise Line's 50th Birthday - Five Decades of Sexual Assaults, Air and Water Pollution, and Avoiding U.S. Taxes and U.S. Wage and Labor Laws | Cruise Law News and this one : Final DOT Cruise Crime Data For 2023: Carnival Cruise Line's Per Capita Sexual Assault / Rape Rate Is Higher Than 27 States | Cruise Law News Cruise wisely ! choose your cruise lines !
  3. I can confirm that CCL is keeping some percentage of the pre-paid tips. You have to understand that CCL is a market share company. The MAIN goal here is to make money not to make it cheap for you.
  4. This is getting ridiculous. I was on the Dream lately and I went in the smoking area !! Man ! I thought it was drug for free zone not drug free zone !....... Illegal ? never seen soo many people smoking on a cruise ship ! I also meet a young contractor telling me how easy it was to bring THC vape cartridge onboard. He was doing it all the time. There was sniffing dogs in the terminal but ounce you get onboard you are free to do whatever you want. lots of people were doing it openly without hiding themself ... ridiculous !
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