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  1. Carnival legend is a ship that we will never sail again. If I had of only known it had a failed bottle break I would not be sitting in its buffet right now. Would have never got abord. Most of the crew is not typical to cruising. For the most part they could care less about the passengers. We've haven't interacted all crew. But of what we have I would say 75% of them were on the edge of being rude. First issue was lost Internet during a deal or no deal game. People that won't prizes before the issue were told sorry. Nothing we can do when we were told no worries it's all backed up. Then had engine trouble plus propulsion trouble. People saw soot and oil coming out of engine area deck 10. Then we're never told we were headed to port Canaveral for a medical. Then last night us passengers that were up on deck 9 had the sh*t scared out of us. I sobered up so quick! The lightning and wind wre unbelievable. Then we started lisping and our drinks went everywhere and the water in the pool wasn't splashing out. It was gushing out like a waterfall. Bar crew was a little worried also from the looks on their faces and them telling us to hang on. After it was over they were back to protocol and saying oh everything was fine! So what else is gonna happen before we get off? I am not happy with carnival as I feel they are only harping on the medical emergency so they can be blamed. They better step up to the plate with better offers other the piddly crap that they're offering us as of now. Just in case anyone is wondering. We've been cruising for 10 years. Many of cruises with 3 different lines. This trip has been the worst! I hope this gets reposted everywhere! Thanks for reading. Norm Hicks Hit submit and lost the Internet.
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