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@Leona Thanks for sharing this! I agree that Celebrity Cruises is an exceptional cruise line. What is one of your favorite things about the line that keeps you so loyal? I think Celebrity Cruises holds a high standard, but some guests want even more out of their cruise experience. If they can afford it, I guess it makes sense to try another option like Oceania Cruises.

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@Seaawgs Now that is a tongue twister. In fact, now that you mention it, complainers who complain about complainers may be deemed hypocrites. It's time for me to check myself. I try to be considerate in my postings. The question becomes, are considerate complaints about constant complainers considered coaxed criticisms? That's the alliteration for the week!

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@Leona Thanks for your comment! What is your preferred cruise line and why? I like your mindset on cruising. There are options for everyone, but doing your research ahead of time is key. I love that you recommended luxury lines for those that have higher standards. I guess my standards are happily met with "average" cruise lines. I usually can't come up with anything to complain about post-cruise. 

@LukeJ The tongue twister game you started is so fun! I love how creative the boards can be. 

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@LukeJ & @FJB It sounds like we have to keep these comments coming! 

I contemplated correcting core critical concepts in my creative compilations, but now the attentive audience has assembled in assisting to attain the ambitious aftereffect, allowing abundant allies to appreciate the abounds of amusing animation. 

What do you think of this one?

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