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MSC Cancels Cruises?

brian amos

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@brian amos I'm curious to hear more about this! Which itinerary were you booked on initially? I saw there have been itinerary changes made for MSC Sinfonia but there still haven't been any confirmations about the alterations. Are you looking for a refund? MSC Cruises is really great about giving 100% refunds as long as it's at least 90 days prior to disembarkation. This cancellation can be done directly with the cruise line. I'm not sure if you booked directly with MSC Cruises or through a third party. 

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@brian amos I wonder if the third party has already been notified about this. There is still time, so I wouldn't be too stressed at this time. MSC Cruises is usually on the ball and will give you plenty of options if the sailing is canceled or modified in any way. Have you been notified of a cancellation or are you still showing confirmed in the MSC Cruises web portal? If you haven't already, I recommend using your booking number to log into your MSC Cruises booking directly. From what I saw online, your cruise itinerary will be departing from Athens. Is that correct? 

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On 12/3/2023 at 12:21 AM, brian amos said:

thank you yes through a third party in AUSTRALIA  MSC canceled two ships? from mid NOV 23 to 15TH April 24 and we were booked to leave on the 5/04/2024

I was booked on one of those cruises, directly with MSC and not through a third party or a TA and received full refund for what I had already paid and a $200 obc for a future cruise booked on MSC in the next 2 years.    I have now booked a different cruise on Royal but I had good communication from MSC.   I would check back with your third party as generally MSC only communicates with the person who booked (so your third party or TA) and not to the end client.

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@Woody14 That's the type of experience I have had with MSC Cruises directly too! I have always felt the line has been more than fair to me, but I always book directly with the line. I always feel hesitant to book with a third party. It's a guarantee the line will be in direct communication with you if you book through it.

You don't know what's going on behind the scenes if you book with a third party, I would imagine your TA (or whoever you booked with) may have some insight as well here. @brian amos Keep us posted.

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