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Cindy P

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I'm highly disappointed with the New Rule about bringing a fan. I use a person small fan that is about 8 inches high and 8inches wide. I need it I'm on Cancer meds and a fan is needed badly. This will be my first and last trip on Norwegian. I'm even thinking to maybe change my whole vacation. It may seem silly to someone but walk in my shoes and you would feel the same. Highly disappointed... 

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@LukeJ Apparently, the fans were banned due to risks associated. The line sent out some info clarifying the fan ban. You should be able to bring a hand-held, battery-powered fan onboard an NCL cruise. The big ones still aren't allowed. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-line-clarifies-about-popular-prohibited-item/97944

@Cindy P Don't forget about the walkie-talkies being banned! I used to use the around the ship all the time as a child with my family. What a shame! https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-line-adds-another-item-to-prohibited-list/106471

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