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RCCL BOYCOTT! EXTREMELY insensitive company

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Here's my horrific story!!  let's hear yours.
Celebrity Cruise Line is owned by RCCL
Because we were grieving the loss of my son  who has a twin brother along with his dad, who had Alzheimer's for 10 years. We wanted to be somewhere beautiful in Mother Nature's world , like Alaska. My son and I were kicked off the ship two days into the cruise in Sitka Alaska for no reason and no explanation. We took this cruise to try to heal our broken hearts 💔and bond as mother and son as we were grieving the last 2 years the loss of my husband of 32 years who was a Cruise Ship Captain and the loss of my 20-year-old son who has a twin that was traveling with me to mother's Nature's Beautiful Alaska. 
I took this cruise Odyssey of the seas with my son so he can see that there is life to live and go on and build a life for himself as he was been grieving for so long with the loss. They gave no explanation and I assume because I shed a few tears when I spoke of my son being in heaven and that this was a special Cruise for me and my sons twin brother who was having a very hard time along with myself grieving the loss. This is the worst cruise line that you could ever cruise. They do not care about their passengers. They do not cater to the passengers. You might as well basically rent a hotel and walk to where you need to go or take a train and don't forget to stop at a cafeteria. LOL. There is no room service, they are charging $17. They won't even serve a continental breakfast to your room . No breakfast or lunch in the main dining room is served. You have to go to the AFT cafeteria of the ship daily and serve yourself basically like a large cafeteria. Activities are not free they try to charge you before you get on board and then all of a sudden it is complementary and there's no refunds on anybody that paid PRE cruise.    Everything is a charge and not to have room service or a continental breakfast served in your stateroom. They have no Captains dinner, lousy entertainment . They have cheapened the quality of nightly entertainment shows . Nothing to eat after hours except the little cafe. RCCL took a  survey on charging for pizza slices late at night. Its on the internet, look it up. They charge you $16 prepay per person for gratuity. The ship has hired nothing but Filipinos and use them as their slaves as they do not get individual tips like the old days because those $16 per person gets split among 2500 to 3000 crew members that are on board. You do not see any officers in white uniforms at the gangway or anywhere around the ship they are not allowed to go out and some have been fired as I have spoken to the crew members asking where is all the Norwegian officers. I did not even go out at night, as my son went to go explore nightly. I went straight to my state room after the lousy dinner menu that they serve. I ordered spaghetti because I knew that they had it even though it wasn't on the menu . That's pathetic . If you want surf and turf which is lobster and steak or an extra Lobster they charge you $32. They charge you for water bottles for your cabin. Every little penny that they can get they will get it from you because they have your charge card on file and they do not care who has access to that card because they will charge you without your permission. I made an appointment for my son to get $199 deep tissue massage and they charged on my card $299 + $25 I do not know what it is for there's no explanation they try to upsell you and that's not what I sent my son in for that is 22 years old and doesn't realize that they're upselling you this and that and not even paying attention to what I requested for service. He did not request anything more than what the appointment was for deep tissue massage.
  RCCL kicked us off the ship in Sitka Alaska after being 3 days on ship and one day in Port in Ketchcan and put a security guard at my door as if I were a criminal. I had no balcony, I had a window. Excuse me for telling the head waitress in the dining room that this was an experience for me and it was different because this is the first time I've been on a ship without my husband and my sister who is in heaven with my son and I sailed all over the world with before I started working on cruise ships and met my husband. The head waitress kept on coming over to the table and handing out her card , as to other tables. This was obviously to get personal tips from passengers. In a short conversation I told the head waitress the story of the tragic loss of my son that got hit by an 18-wheeler truck and the loss of my husband of 32 years and he had passed with the horrific disease called Alzheimer's. I still have no response on why my son and I were removed from the ship as if we were criminals. They refuse to give me a refund of any kind . I shedded a few tears for my son because I was grieving as I told the story in the dining room and the dining room head waitress made something up more than what it was because nothing else was said and this is what I'm assuming.   I still do not have any answers , as to why ! 
Do not cruise on RCCL because you will be sorry they just want your money and they don't care about you as a person. They took something that would have been beautiful for my son and I to try to move forward with our grief and this trip was special for my son that's 22 now because the loss of his twin brother and his father. They have caused more damage than they could imagine and they have no heart or soul and the Captain was hiding up on the bridge all the time he never walked around the ship. I don't even know what the Captain looks like or any officers in white uniforms, never saw one walking around or working. The Captain as I requested refuse to speak or meet with me regarding this situation. I had to deal with the the security manager John Bates that was from England. If he wasn't on a ship he'd be a no one he would be working at Walmart as a security guard. The Captain was from Croatia, a lot of the crew didn't even know his name. LOL. I did not see one officer in sight on that cruise ship. I don't believe there was one Norwegian officer or person in white uniforms anywhere on that ship. If I wanted to go to the Philippines I would go to the Philippines. Please look into a better Cruise Line This is not the one you want for vacation unless you feel like working and getting your own food and serving yourself and paying for activities on board that should be free. Along with this the excursions they sell you pre-boarding the ship is way overpriced it's $1,000 per person to get a helicopter ride to the glacier and do dog sledding. If you book these excursions on your own they are $600. If you go on any of these ships because you have booked already please book your own excursions and look under Alaskan excursions on the internet whatever Port you are going to be in and  most of them will reserve your spot without immediate payment. Once you pay and once you give your credit card to RCCLthey will use that as much as they can to charge your card. The arcade is not even free, or the iFly amongst other activities. Why would one want to go on a cruise and pay that kind of money and not be catered too on their vacation that's supposed to be relaxing. 
I will be telling my story throughout the internet on tic tok and Instagram along with x formerly Twitter. Please help me spread the word and boycott RCCL I ended up in Seattle and had to pay for a hotel for a week and a half along with a car until we could get on our flight back to Fort Lauderdale. They refuse to refund my money and you get outsourced to the Philippines you cannot even talk to the corporate office. The Outsourcing are extremely rude as I'm sure you have experienced it with all this Outsourcing of some of these companies. Please look into your cruise line company to see what they 
company to see what they have to offer before you take another Cruise because those beautiful Cruise days I believe are over if this is the way Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is running the company these days. They also own Celebrity Cruise lines . Don't waste your money and Don't say I didn't warn you. Would you really want to spend your money towards a company that would treat their passengers, especially grieving in that manner. I thank the Lord that we were not in another country and kicked off the ship. I've spoken to a lawyer and he stated we don't hear a lot of the stories that go on overseas on the ships to their passengers. Please do your due diligence investigating on the cruise line that you choose. If they're all becoming this way their ships are going downhill. That's not the nature of the cruising business it was never this way and it shouldn't be this way now or ever for the money that they charge. The whole concept of relaxing and cruising is basically gone from RCCL.
Grieving mom💔
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I was married to a cruise ship captain for 32 years I sailed on ships before I met my husband on a cruise ship when I was working. They were focusing on my tears that I shed there is no other story to tell the Filipino woman head waitress lied and said something more than it was as if I were a risk. It happened, why would I make up such a stupid story. I'm a grieving mother and I had my son who lost his twin brother in front of a 18-wheeler truck that ran him over. We have been devastated. We took that cruise to heal our broken hearts. My heart will never be healed but I needed my son's heart to go on with life because when I go one day to Heaven he won't have anybody. I miss only relative his mother. Don't you ever judge a grieving mother you have no idea what it's like to lose a child. For your sake I hope you never do because it is pure torture to live with and even to want to live. But I have to I have a son that needs me and I have to make sure he's going to be okay because he's lost so much. So don't judge, how dare you and judge my grief and story.

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I've cruised all my life my sister was a travel agent we got cruises for $25 a night we went all over the world before I met my husband and I started working on the ship and he was the cruise ship captain and I married him and I was with him for 32 years. This Cruise was for my son so he could see mother nature and have a reason to continue to live because he's hurting and grieving he lost his twin brother don't you understand that's half of him that is gone forever at the age of 20. Along with his dad that's in heaven. That cruise wasn't for me it really was for him, I just have been a recluse ever since I lost my son and my husband so tragically. For 10 years I was grieving a man that was standing right in front of me because he had that horrific disease called Alzheimer's and he was disappearing. My twin boys were only 10 years old when this started they lost out on a father and it affected them both as children. My husband knew me up until the end when we had to disconnect him from life support. Please be kind I already have given up on Humanity. I have to continue to go on to get accountability for what happened to my son because I couldn't get help for him in that redneck state of Texas they would not help me to help my son and he went psychosis / psychotic and tried to kill me before he got hit by an 18-wheeler truck while I was in the Trauma Center. Do you think I would really make that up? I know longer live in that horrific state and I will never pass through it again or even fly with the stopover. I'm trying to get accountability for them not helping me to help my son. When I finally got him in the psych ward because I had to file a warrant myself. My whole system failed me they let him out without telling me that he was hallucinating and had homicidal ideology towards his mother and his former boss. I should have been dead because he slammed me over the head with a shovel and stabbed me with the barbecue Fork. We were already all packed up to move to Florida so he had nothing to attack me with and the shovel broke came off the handle and the barbecue for bent. I believe that's God my husband and my mother and my sisters intervention from heaven to save my life for his twin brother that's with me now. My son needs me I'm the only family member I have to make sure that he's going to be okay. Do you think I would make all this up? Really where is your empathy for your fellow human, as I'm dictating this I'm crying. I hope you're happy to make me defend myself.

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@Grieving Mom With all due respect, I think your name “Grieving Mom” says it all. As I’ve read through your statements and try to make sense of it all, there is also the unknown “other side of the story”. The cruise industry has changed A LOT since the days you got cruises for $25/ night. Please get some grief counseling, you have had way too much happen in your life to go it alone. Personally, I watched as my wife wasted away, from cancer 8 yrs ago, yes, supporting her but I had no magic potion (nor did the doctors) to really change the outcome.  You are not alone. Counseling will be a far better investment of your money than taking a helicopter excursion to a glacier, or even the cruise itself. 
We’re just a bunch of cruisers here that post back and forth. The state of the cruise industry is now focused on increasing income to pay back the horrendous debt they incurred during the pandemic. Many posts on the topics of all the new and increasing add-ons, few posts are complimentary.
Find a path back. I heard a saying once: You never get over grief, you have to go through it. ALL THE BEST.

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Thank you for your kind words. I I'm seeking help and have been ever since this has happened and it started with my husband. Now it continues I'm grieving for a child is the worst possible pain one can go through, no matter how it hurts me, I have to be here for my son that lost his twin brother. I have no choice. I'm so sorry that you lost your wife and had to watch Your Love disappear in front of your eyes. No one can understand unless they've walked in our shoes. I depend on my weekly Psychotherapy sessions and I need to find something to get through this PTSD that can come up at any time when something triggers it when you have no control. Thank you once again for being so kind. It's really hard to find people that can even be sincere and kind to their fellow human being these days. Bless you and may God be with you🌷

I do know without love there is no grief💔

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On 9/1/2023 at 9:31 PM, FJB said:

I stand by my original comment - there’s more to this story, another side.  People aren’t Willy-nilly kicked off of cruise ships. 

Stand by Your Story all you want you're wrong. Maybe one day you'll find yourself grieving if you know how to love if there's no love there's no grief. You are an extremely insensitive person just what we need more of in the world.

Edited by Grieving Mom
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@euroguy You unpack very quickly! In fact, I usually take a week or two before everything is cleaned up and put away. I'm also a problematic over-packer so this may contribute to the problem. I can't want to go through it all! Maybe your personal assistant was able to hook up some laundry service! I also want to hear all about your casino experience and the awesome excursions you foreshadowed.

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