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MSC Lines is the largest container ship company in the world AND is family owned. BTW they also own a cruise line. No other cruise line has this financial backing. MSC can add new cruise ships at will and create demand with their offerings. If / when they decide to be the biggest cruise line, only shipyard capacity will limit their growth, unless they decide to acquire another cruise line. 

JMHO, they don't consult with me.

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@georgie Not only is MSC Cruises a rapidly growing family line, but it's also one of the most sustainably driven lines sailing the seas today. MSC Group takes pride in its sustainable efforts and is leading the way towards the emission-free cruise experience. After a 4-day test cruise, MSC Euribia now holds the spot as the most energy-efficient cruise ship. 

@kefthecruiser Do you think the line may acquire another down the road? I think MSC Cruises is beginning to really make a strong mark on the US market, just as it has such a majority presence in the European market today. I really appreciate the MSC Cruises family brand and high standards.  If the line bought out another, I think it would need to restructure the merger to meet its brand standards. Do you agree? 

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@Kendall James-Vargas Always good questions! So, the history of MSC Lines includes a lot of acquisitions, in addition to building new ships. MSC Cruise Line was in fact initially an acquisition, though the previous name escapes me. So yep, possible they would acquire another, via takeover not merger, IMO.I think we all could guess which one of the big 3 is the weakest and thus a target. What prevents this for now is the tremendous debt load each of the big 3 have. MSC is obviously well managed and has made excellent moves, including positioning themselves in the cruise industry.

On another note: KUDOS to MSC for the success with Euribia roll out. This is the type of initiative a privately owned, well managed company can do. One caution though and that is it's not yet emissions free. True emissions free is along way off. (This was noted in another post of mine.)

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@kefthecruiser I'm always here for some good feedback from you! You are always educating me on things that don't even cross my mind about the cruise industry. In fact, I definitely know which cruise line you are referring to. MSC Cruises happens to be really financially able, and I think it's attributed to it being a family-owned line. Out of all the cruise lines in the market, MSC Cruises has probably the strongest buying power. The line really held strong during the shutdown too. 

I remember which post you are referring to. You really broke it down for me. As much as I know that emissions-free cruising hasn't come to fruition yet, MSC Euribia is truly making some good strides in the right direction. I wouldn't be surprised if MSC Cruises ends up being the one that makes emission-free cruising come to life. It's already making big moves through many sustainable practices.

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