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  1. My first trip on Msc line was on Msc Seaside on a 14 day trip from Barbados. On Wednesday during our sea day when everybody was aboard I tucked away to a special corner and wrote a poem on the smooth sailing across the Caribbean sea and the brilliance of the sunshine as guests laid around the pool in their chairs & towels. The friendly gathering of folks at the shops and bars .The pulsating sound of reggae music punctuating the atmosphere while beverages were ordered by guests to quench their thirst. I addressed my envelop to the captain and left it at Guests services. On return to my cabin on 5th floor on Thursday night I noticed a strange object on my bed when I opened it to my surprise it was a replica of Msc Seaside in a rectangular box with a thank you letter from Captain Corrado Laconis & the entire crew complimenting me on my poem entitled Wednesday at sea on Msc I wanna say hip hip hooray to the Captain and his entire crew
  2. I've taken a cruise each on seascape and seaside. There was no karaoke competition on seaside but a robust karaoke show nightly on seascape...and lasnite night of the sailing was awesome.between the competitors...nothing so on the,seaside sailing
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    I think people like freshness
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    What is,responsible for the rapid growth of MSC
  5. I am seeing two different itineraries for Rhapsody of the seas on December 26..from the Barbados port ..can some one enlighten me which is the correct one
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