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New Solarium Rules???

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We have just started the second of our back to back cruises - a 12-night British Isles cruise on the Jewel of the Seas and have encountered a change to the previously adults-only Solarium. Evidently, Royal Caribbean has made a fleetwide decision (according to Manish, the smug and thoroughly unhelpful guest services officer we had to deal with) to open up the previously "adults-only" Solarium to kids under 16 when the ship's itinerary takes you to colder weather climates from 1-4 pm each day (but clearly kids are in the area sooner because there is absolutely no enforcement by the staff).  Or, perhaps it's on every ship in the fleet, but maybe only if needed ... the answer seems very confusing (and confused).

I get it that Royal says they are "evolving the brand to multigenerational families," but what about adult cruisers whose kids have grown up? Those customers who have been loyal to Royal before this so-called brand evolution?  I can't help but feel we are being left behind, and our loyalty disregarded.   Apparently,  this was raised to Michael Bayley on the current (or perhaps recently completed) President's cruise and he said he'd  "look into it."  I have my doubts. 

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@Stephanie B I see how this new regulation could be frustrating. The idea of having an adults-only space is really important. I value an adults-only area as a person who usually travels with younger children, and I will explain why. My children occasionally splash as they are learning to swim. My children occasionally are louder when they are frustrated or playing outdoors. For those who want a more quiet and slower-paced space, I appreciate the adults-only option. I allow my kids to be kids but encourage them to be mindful of those around them. I feel much better while my children are playing by the pool when the music is loud and the crowd is having a good time. If an adult wants a child-free space, I love the idea that there are options onboard where others can do that. I would hope Royal Caribbean Line would hear your concern and possibly move back to the fully adults-only space. At least RCL is still offering certain adult-only times. I think it's important to have these options, and most other cruise lines offer a full-time adults-only pool option onboard. RCL needs to stay competitive!

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