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Has anyone taken an Asian cruise and visited Thailand? I have yet to cruise this region although it is a dream of mine! A popular vacation destination in Thailand, Pattaya has been proposed as a prime location for a new cruise port. This proposed port could become one of the few dedicated to cruise ships. If Pattaya opened up a cruise port, it could potentially handle up to 1,500 cruise guests per hour! Has anyone been to this popular destination before, and if so, do you believe Pattaya could become a favorite port of call? 

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Does anyone have any photos as this would also be a dream cruise. Everyone that has gone to see Thailand has said what a fantastic country it is to visit. It looks picturesque and tranquil, and I would love to walk on that white sand.

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I have yet to cruise to Asia! I wish I had pictures to share of an experience like this. Ironically enough I was showing my children info about Asia and its culture. They were very surprised to learn that it's not only the largest continent but also holds the largest percentage of the world's population. Unfortunately, Asian cruises were postponed for several months during the shutdown. Of all areas, I think Asia took the longest to restart cruising afterward. At least cruises have resumed since! Resort World Cruises sails throughout Asia and announced it will be sailing some LEGO-themed itineraries this summer!

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By what I've been told and read about, Thailand is one of the safest destinations in southeast Asia. Thousands go every year for the weather and it's white sands as well as it's popularity of its foods. Friends of mine that have been in the past have commented on its amazing nightlife.

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