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Explorer of the Seas 2/20/22 What are the odds

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Getting kind of down trodden, on the way Royal Caribbean is handling these turn of events.. Im feeling like darn if I do, darn if I don't.. Biggest issue is I've noticed all the canceled flights to Puerto Rico.. Royal Caribbean gives you 48hours, yet flights are only canceled within 24hours.. Not to mention, no one knows for certain if we will be allowed at any of the ports.. All around frustrated..

Anyone recently (since the 1st at least) have any insight on how Explorer is running, port stops, ect.. 

I know on the CDC website the ship is listed as yellow.. 

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From what I've seen so far, Explorer of the Seas is still operation ok out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Royal Caribbean has just updated its protocols for departures from San Juan, so might be worth a look. I feel your frustrations, it's all confusing right now and these details are constantly changing. Maybe by the time you cruise, everything will change again!

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Tampa here.  I am also sailing on the Explorer OTS, March 27 from PR.  Myself and everyone else sailing along, have been VAX'd and Booster'd, however, between now and March 27, RCL and/or PR Gov., may create new protocols in order to sail. I am wishing all this COVID crap will be subsiding a little and we will be able to still sail.  Who knows, but we have two months to wish for the best. Happy and safe sailings everyone. Tampa Cruiser.  

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