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We are on the MSC Divina for the second half of a back to back from Miami in December 26.  Knowing that Aruba had cancelled other cruise lines for a small percentage of COVID onboard, and that Divina had positive COVID back to back passengers, we requested a risk assessment so we could potentially cancel the second half of the trip.  The staff denied there was any risk of cancelation of ports and refused our disembarkment. One we set sale, the ship demanded an antigen test, and soon informed us that Jamaica denied is entry.  I soon noticed the ship sailing due West. The staff denied that fact, and took down the live ship tracker channel from the TV selection.  The Captain later announced that all ports were cancelled and we would spend days at sea and reroute to Mexico.....with no compensation.  MSC knew the risk, but his it...collecting premium fares for low quality ports hardly worth leaving the ship. Avoid MSC.

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We are on the same cruise,  we are going back to 3 destinations we have already visited,  $100 refund is a joke,  on this trip we are doing 7 days at  sea.  Why were'nt passengers tested at Miami terminal?  Passengers who embarked on the 26th of December were tested AFTER the ship left Miami!!  How ridiculous is that,  guess what,  we have nearly 50 positive covid cases onboard,  Mexico is the only country open to us,  like yourself we asked why we had no information about our next port of call,  Ocho Rios,  we were told there had been a misprint on the paperwork and it had had to be done again,  then we  get an announcement from the captain admitting we had covid onboard and  Divina had been turned away from all ports originally booked.  Total shambles comes to mind.  Refund please,  otherwise this trip is a ripoff of their own making.

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Just finished reading the article on MSC Divina on cruisehive,  being another back to back passenger I am very concerned.  Although as a passenger we had to have a lateral flow test to carry on cruising nobody getting on the boat on the 26th was tested so MSC's claim that there was no covid onboard at this point seems to be somewhat flawed.  This can be proved because on the 28th of December the passengers getting on on the 26th December to 6th of January cruise had to have a lateral flow test and at that stage it was found we had covid onboard.  This has given covid 2 days to spread around the ship,  as of the 1st of January 2022 no complete test of all passengers has take place so no factual number of passengers with covid can be given.  Each destination we go to have to be given case numbers of the boat,  it would be interesting to know what these figures represent,  if it is based on historical evidence the figures cannot be accurate as omnicron,  which could well be passing through the ship at the moment is at lease 4 times more infectious than other strains, so are MSC multiplying their figures x 4?,  Which port would accept us if that was the case?, so far on this half of the cruise out of 6 days on the ship we have stopped at two ports and spent 4 days slowly going around the Caribbean sea,  last nights offer was 3 days (62 hours) at sea to achieve a port it took 13 hours to arrive at 8 days ago. If I had known we were only going to get 4 stops on an 11 day cruise going around the Caribbean at around 6.5 knots for most of the time,  I think I would have stayed off the boat on the 26th.  I would have like that information before we left the port for the 2nd half of the cruise,  I would have jumped shit.  (this is not a missprint)  I am only being offered 1 new port in 11 days,  I am overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm?

Fed up on MSC Divina

p.s.  just looked out of the window and there is a sailing dinghy going past us!

Sorry got to do something to cheer me up.


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