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  1. Have you had smallpox vaccination, did you have the mmr? Why is gods name don't you have the vaccine, unvaccinated people are now the majority of hospitalisation, the rest are people that have had the vaccine but have other health issues that the virus affects. I HAVE YET TO HEAR A VALID REASON AS TO WHY PEOPLE WON'T HAVE THE VACCINE The classic reason from the unvaccinated is ' you can't tell me what to do' Ok go ahead and catch the virus, its called Darwenism, look it up
  2. They are put in isolation somewhere in the ship, we think they are all together. food is brought to the cabin, not sure about anything else sorry
  3. We are on the same cruise, we are going back to 3 destinations we have already visited, $100 refund is a joke, on this trip we are doing 7 days at sea. Why were'nt passengers tested at Miami terminal? Passengers who embarked on the 26th of December were tested AFTER the ship left Miami!! How ridiculous is that, guess what, we have nearly 50 positive covid cases onboard, Mexico is the only country open to us, like yourself we asked why we had no information about our next port of call, Ocho Rios, we were told there had been a misprint on the paperwork and it had had to be done again, then we get an announcement from the captain admitting we had covid onboard and Divina had been turned away from all ports originally booked. Total shambles comes to mind. Refund please, otherwise this trip is a ripoff of their own making.
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