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Covid testing loophole that needs to be closed


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Recently completed a southern caribbean cruise which stopped in several non-US territories, as well as a few US (Puerto Rico, USVI, etc.).  Covid testing is normally required for foreign travelers to the US.  However in our case, there was no required testing for return to the US after the international travel.  At every port, some passengers and crew mingle with the locals, and performers are picked up or dropped off along the way, so there's plenty of opportunity to acquire covid during the journey.  Then at the end of the cruise, crowds of passengers with no social distancing, stand in line to go through customs.  

The cruise itself had relatively good precautions, but we saw some missteps, such as packed tour busses (on ship's excursions), shared pens at customer service desk, and a minority of passengers flouting mask rules (wearing them on their chins, or not at all).

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On 12/21/2021 at 2:18 PM, EnviroBK said:

Covid testing is normally required for foreign travelers to the US


This is a false statement, here's why:

1)  You do not need a Covid test to get back into the US if you enter by land, sea or for domestic air travel which includes US territories.

2) The intent of the international air travel testing requirement which is common in many countries is to keep those who are already positive from flying to the US solely for the purpose utilized our medical facilities. 

3)  Most who are infected with Covid don't test positive for 5 day after being infected, on a typical seven night cruise that would mean odds are only those who contacted Covid on Embarkation day, day 2 or day 3 would test positive.

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