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Visa required for on shore trips?

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My next cruise is a year away. Sounds like a long time but will soon come around quickly enough. Just in discussion with the wife in regards to the stop offs we will be making during the course of the break away. I said I would have thought we would require to take our passports with us while we are on shore in different countries but it never occured to me about visas. Is this something that is also required? We will only be in each country for the best part of a day 

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That's very exciting! Which ship will you be sailing on? Visas are occasionally required for some ports of call. Usually, the cruise line will notify you of the proper documents needed to get onboard your cruise and off at every port of call. Which ports of call will you be stopping at? Make sure you check online at your booking before your cruise to ensure everything is properly lined up so you don't miss out on getting off at a super cool spot! 

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Government tourism websites have the most accurate information regarding necessary travel documents and advisories. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel.html

This website has loads of information for U.S. citizens regarding accepted documentation per location. I recommend looking at your official area's local governing travel bureau ahead of time. Italy doesn't seem to be mandating visas for short-term travel and Greece seems to be the same. Let me know if you see something similar on your end.

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