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Robert at cruisehive panorama article

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I normally don't write back on journalism but I couldn't help myself. I was on the panorama mar18th to Mar 25th. The cruise was amazing, carnival has stepped up their game with these new ships. Once we turned north out of Cabo, yes we were fighting 30+ mph winds and choppy seas. Passengers still enjoyed laying out and using the pools and hot tubs. There is plenty of wind blockage. That was reported incorrectly plus you failed to mention several other things that carnival did right. 1. Continued use of the cheers and bubbles package after the usual shut off at 6am. Free of charge. Carnival cruise director, captain updated us continually. The staff remained super positive even though people were scrambling to get off the ship. It was always orderly and a couple extra hours on board did not effect me at all. Please start sharing some of the great things carnival is doing instead of focusing on the negative. I salute carnival, it was a great trip!

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@chuck1234 Thanks for sharing this feedback. Carnival Panorama is an excellent ship with such exciting amenities! The ship even has a trampoline park onboard! I love the positivity in your review. It's so refreshing to hear about all the positives. I'm so used to the constant negative-focused cruise reviews. Those winds sound pretty wild but the Carnival Panorama crew indeed tried to make the experience enjoyable. That's such a nice treat to extend the cheers and bubbles package hours for free! The constant updates must have made everyone feel very secure, despite the winds and choppy seas. Other than this brief part of your cruise experience, it sounds like it was a pure joy to be onboard the ship and explore Cabo! Was the ship pretty packed due to spring break? 

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@Todd I'm so glad to hear you had a great time on your Carnival Dream cruise. Did you know that Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was actually filmed onboard the ship? I also heard that Carnival Dream has a really awesome candy shop onboard. You captured a great sunset photo! I love getting to see the sunset onboard, but I constantly end up missing it because I'm usually in the middle of dinner. I guess it's my fault for choosing the early dining time. I also really enjoy dinners in the main dining room. Thanks for sharing these great photos!

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