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MSC Cruises Avoids Whales

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MSC Cruises is implementing an online training program for MSC Bellissima cruise officers that will help avoid collisions with whales. This is such a great way to promote ocean wildlife awareness and work to keep cruising safe for the environment. Apparently, there are only about 350 whales alive today! Whales seem to be getting closer and closer to extinction. Keeping them safe is a very smart strategy to preserve this species, and I hope more cruise lines follow suit.

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I would hope all cruise lines are conscious of avoiding whales. I had no idea that there are only 350 whales lefts in our oceans! I went to SeaWorld recently and although lots of people don't agree with the premise behind show-whales, I happen to commend the park for conserving and rehabilitating so many animals. Most sea animals in Sea World were previously harmed by things such as boats/cruise ships. Honestly, we need more programs like this to protect our precious wildlife! 

Port Canaveral in Florida has a new seasonal speed regulation that should assist with protecting whales and their natural habitat.


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What a fantastic plan and great to see companies doing what they can to protect these beautiful mammals. I've read previously that there are not many whales left and it's alarming to see that how close they are to extinction, so to hear cruise companies are looking to do their bit for the environment and do what they can to protect is encouraging to read.

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