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Dog Received VIFP Status

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@Purple Lady At least you know that this status is definitely possible for your service dog. How many cruises have you taken your service dog on? I have always been curious, are you able to take your dog off the ship with you at the ports of call? If so, do you find this tricky to do, or is bringing your service dog alongside you pretty manageable while traveling?

Many people compare their dogs to my children. Since I don't have a dog, but I do have children, I'm curious to hear if there are challenges associated while traveling. For me, traveling with children can be hectic, and I do a lot of pre-planning to ensure the best possible outcome. This oftentimes includes lollipops and lots of bribery, especially during long lines.

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My Service dog has been on at least 6 cruises with me so far. There is a lot of paperwork that has to be done before she can go with me. Of course all shots have to be updated and have a health certificate from the vet along with contacting the Department of Agriculture of each county to find out the requirements to bring her into the country. Each time we dock they do a physical inspection of her and all the paperwork have to be in order. After that once that has been done then we can off the ship.  Some countries there are fees we have to pay. All in all it is much easier to have a service dog than having to deal with children as I have brought my grandkids on cruises! And even with all the paperwork involved she is so much easier than bringing my grandkids!!!!  LOL.... But Carnival has never given her any kind of status for her. And I am Platinum almost Diamond status....

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@Purple Lady That is one handsome looking doggy! I love the matching purple leash and harness too. Your service dog looks so poised and well-behaved, surely very well-trained! I guess it's harder to train my kids in the same way. You both match very well together, even coordinating colors. This is a very recent photo! You were on Carnival Celebration just last month. How was your cruise? 

Congratulations on almost reaching Diamond status with Carnival Cruise Line. That's such an exciting achievement. This particular dog that was rewarded status happened to be a retired U.S. Army service dog. I think that's why this particular service dog was awarded a status. I don't believe it's customary for service animals to receive loyalty status, but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a thing in the future.

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@kefthecruiser I have noticed you dropping some comic relief in the boards, and I definitely enjoy the laughter! This one was pretty epic.

I don't think the cruise line "actually" has some sort of dog loyalty program thing. I think CCL just thought it would be cute to honor the owner and pet by doing something cute and getting some good press from it.

I liked that you created a nice title and category for @Purple Lady 's service dog though.  The VISD (very important service dog) program sounds legit.

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