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  1. My Service dog has been on at least 6 cruises with me so far. There is a lot of paperwork that has to be done before she can go with me. Of course all shots have to be updated and have a health certificate from the vet along with contacting the Department of Agriculture of each county to find out the requirements to bring her into the country. Each time we dock they do a physical inspection of her and all the paperwork have to be in order. After that once that has been done then we can off the ship. Some countries there are fees we have to pay. All in all it is much easier to have a service dog than having to deal with children as I have brought my grandkids on cruises! And even with all the paperwork involved she is so much easier than bringing my grandkids!!!! LOL.... But Carnival has never given her any kind of status for her. And I am Platinum almost Diamond status....
  2. My service dog has been on several cruises and has not received any kind of status....
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