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Changes and More Changes

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Norwegian Cruise Line is making very significant cutbacks, and guests are noticing. 

First, NCL announced staffing cutbacks. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-announces-9-staff-cuts-and-leadership-changes/90412

Now, the cruise line is having guests pre-register for onboard entertainment. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-line-begins-pre-cruise-entertainment-reservations/94040

This pre-registration also is leading to NCL cutting back on entertainment. Loyal guests are not very pleased with all of these changes, and how they impact the cruising experience. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-line-cutting-back-on-entertainment/92334

New fees were also recently introduced too on top of it all. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-line-introducing-new-fee-guests-will-not-like/89662

Am I the only one surprised by all of these changes?

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@FJB It sounds like the cruise line hasn't changed very much! I don't appreciate when cruise lines try to upsell everything. It takes away from the relaxing part of a cruise vacation. I would rather pay more up front than have to be hounded to buy things the entire cruise experience. Norwegian Cruise Line has been a popular cruise line for quite some time. There are several nice ships in the fleet too. It's a bummer that guests have to feel stressed and pressured to book ahead of time just to experience normal activities onboards, such as entertainment shows. Most cruise lines don't require guests to pre-register for entertainment.

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@Kendall James-Vargas I tend to agree with you there in regards to the upselling constantly. I can understand companies needing to make the extra monies. However as you stated it does spoil the relaxation experience when people continue to push for extra and you want to be left alone. Everywhere seems to making staffing cuts, and as disheartening as it is, it seems that it's the customers that are the ones who are also reeling as they are paying (more than they usually have been paying ) and getting less of a round experience because of these changes and may feel short changed by it all.

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There is something so relaxing about not having to worry about bringing your credit card around everywhere. I love just walking up to the buffet whenever I feel like it, no questions asked, and eating my food wherever I want to. If I want to grab hot fries and eat them in my stateroom I can do that too, without having to make them and wash up the dishes myself. I have a no food outside of the kitchen/dining room policy in my home so it's most exciting for my entire family to get breakfast delivered to the stateroom and eat it there in pajamas. Those sorts of luxuries are what make the cruise vacation so uniquely wonderful to me! 

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