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Allure of the Seas Aug 20-27

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19 hours ago, KatarinaRose said:

Hey y’all! This is our first cruise. Just trying to get a feel of who all might be on this cruise. What do y’all suggest for excursions? Is there anything we need to know about cruising that isn’t on the website?

Go with an open mind and roll with the punches!  Don’t worry about the price of anything and just enjoy. Plan your next cruise before boarding your first, then you can take advantage of deals while onboard to book your 2nd cruise-reduced deposit, OBC, etc.  HAVE FUN! 

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@KatarinaRose It is so very exciting you will be sailing on your first cruise! There are so many tips and tricks to make your experience a memorable one. If I may ask, when will you be cruising, which ship, how long, and where will you be stopping?

Based on the ports of call you will be visiting I can make suggestions for excursions. I do recommend an excursion booked through the cruise line for security and convenience purposes.

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I have heard horror stories of guests who attempt to book an excursion once they arrive at the port. It's very important to note that if you don't book with the cruise line, the ship will not wait for you if you don't make it back in time. However, if you book an excursion through the line you will be protected, and the ship will not leave you behind. 

Unfortunate events that could hinder you from making it back to the ship in time could include a flat tire, a sickness or allergic reaction, or even as simple as loosing your passport while exploring the area. 

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