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Stopping Pre Cruise Liquor Purchase

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I utilized the Pre order hard liquor option for my husband because we do not qualify for the Cheers package. Due to surgery I do not drink anymore, but can't get the Cheers package because I share a cabin with my husband. This option allowed my husband to have a few drinks without breaking the bank. I do not condone the actions of others and should not be penalized for their actions. When my husband have a drink we follow the rules that were put in place to keep everyone safe. We are being responsible and accepting accountability for our action and so should the other guests. Hold those that break the rules and regulations responsible, and let those of us that follow the rules continue to enjoy our cruise vacations.

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I've known others, where one person doesn't drink and the rules say they both have to purchase the drinks package. The trouble is that Carnival seem to think that too many people would take advantage so won't sell a single package. Yet now I've heard they restrict your drinks to 15 a day, whatever package you are on. Is that really true ?

I think this may well lead to extra smuggling of booze onboard......what do others think ?

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Sadly not everyone is a responsible drinker and cannot really hold their drink.  Drunk passengers can lead to accidents and unpleasant behavior that can ruin other passengers' experiences.  I think the restriction to alcoholic drinks to 15 a day isn't restrictive at all.  15 orders a day is actually still generous, but of course, the crew will deny serving, if the guest appears intoxicated.  of course, all other non-alcoholic drinks remain unlimited.  https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3525/~/cheers!-beverage-program-q%26as

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