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Unvaccinated people allowed to cruise on Royal cruises yet??

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On 9/4/2022 at 6:18 AM, Bamafan said:

Why shouldn't unvaccinated people be allowed to cruise? 

No reason whatsoever why the Vaccine Free should be discriminated against, my like-minded friend.  But, its all in the plan I'm afraid. Get on those holidays before it's too late.  As Richie states in the previous post, how did the jibby jabby help him and his family? Stay Sane!  😉

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On 9/6/2022 at 4:17 PM, Richie said:

we just returned from a FULL Oasis of the Seas cruise... Both my wife and myself are 2x vaxed and 2x boosted.. my wife contracted Covid and our daughter also vaxed and on the cruise got Covid too... BEWARE...!!!!

Hiya. I trust that all your family are well and enjoyed your cruise?  When did you discover that you had it? If it was on-board, why were you getting tested? Is it the ships policy? And if they knew that you had it on-board, did you have to isolate etc?  I am just wondering as I am thinking of booking numerus cruises being as we are allowed now.  Thank you. Paul

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Thanks for asking... 2 weeks after the cruise, their health is almost 100%.  The symptoms started on the car ride home.. she did a tele-doc thing and got Paxlovid prescription, which certainly helped.  They had NO symptoms on board.. The Oasis was definitely at 100% capacity, and at times it seemed overcrowded, as it was the last week of summer.. tons of kids.. we cancelled all of our remaining cruises and are inclined to skip any mega ships for the time being.. stay well...

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Being vaccinated doesn't prevent someone from getting Covid, nor does it stop them from spreading it.  There should be no difference in how people are treated based on vaccination status.  BTW, I just had Covid for the 2nd time in one year with the last one (August 30th tested positive) nothing more than cold type symptoms and a low fever for one day.  My own antibodies did a great job without being vaccinated (no, I did not and will not get vaccinated).  

I can't imagine us having this conversation 3 years ago about having a cold and its impact on peoples ability to cruise or do anything else.  Covid today is not the Covid of 2020, and even then it wasn't dangerous for 99% of the population.  What a tragedy these last 2 1/2 years have been on so many levels.

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I think we can expect the Covid situation to be treated like the Flu.  I mean I got Covid already, so my own antibodies can now fight whatever strain we have come.  I think we can all afford to take a rest for a full 2 days and then get on with our lives.  I agree that Covid 3 years ago was aggressive and people have died.  I am just glad that most of us have surpassed that and has now some immunity to the virus.

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