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On-board Quarantine Requirements

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We are sailing in Aug and trying to understand quarantine policies on board. Contacted agent via chat who provided vague non-answers to my questions, which were:

- what qualities as close contact? Is it standard 6 feet?

- is NCL using facial recognition technology for contact tracing?

- do you have to quarantine if you are vaccinated? CDC rules say you don’t. I was told NCL follows CDC rules but agent would not answer this question.

- how long do you need to quarantine if you have come in contact with a case?

- do you stay in your cabin for quarantine or are you brought to an indoor cabin in a dungeon somewhere?

- are kids divided into smaller groups in Splash Academy?

To all of these questions, I received useless answers (i.e., we have many methods of contact tracing, we don’t have specific information on quarantine guidelines, etc.). When I asked for more information, the agent just cut off the chat. 

This was so shady, I am really hesitant to go on our trip. Bad customer service and no transparency. I understand the situation is very dynamic, but this was outright misleading. 

Can anyone share their recent experience with this? If the SA is closed, we will definitely be canceling. Thx!

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Top Posters In This Topic

-Close contact would be less than 6 fee

-CCTVs are everywhere on the ship, I do not think they use facial recognition.  

- You may be quarantined inside your cabin when you are tested positive.  They will bring supplies, medicine, and food.  But they will not clean or will go inside the cabin.  The quarantine may last the whole duration of the cruise, starting from the day you were tested. You may also disembark last after most of the passengers have disembarked.

- The kids are divided into smaller groups.

I would try to call again or get into another chat and request another agent that is more knowledgeable and more experienced to help you get the answers you need.

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