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  1. BTW, do the main dining room menus still refer to a generic fish or seafood and not say what the specific ingredient is (i.e., salmon or shrimp)? I have not sailed HAL in a year and a half, and part of the reason is that I was very disappointed in the MDR menus the last time I sailed. Plus, they had reduced choices in the appetizers/soups/salads, and the ones they had seemed to repeat after a few days.
  2. The article neglects to mention that Canaletto used to a $15 upcharge and is now $25. Also, kind of odd for a supposedly high-end Italian restaurant to force guests to choose between and pasta and entrée course. Pasta is typically a separate course, and at minimum you should be able to get a half-portion without having to pay for a second entrée.
  3. No, that ended pre-Covid. They do one demonstration in the theater with the executive chef, but it's nothing like what the ATK program was.
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