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  1. Having recently been on a HA 31-day cruise on the Oosterdam, I read with interest the line's plan to update its Canelletto menu. Much needed!! Now they need to do the same with the Pinnacle Grill offerings, especially the desserts and meat quality. The "Ben and Jerry's" baked Alaska is a disaster. Very little ice cream, a cold, pre-baked merengue shell that is gooey, dense, and inedible. The only dessert worth ordering is the key lime pie. Pinnacle also needs to upgrade their steak quality. My wife ordered the ribeye for our second of five meals at Pinnacle and could not eat it because it was so tough. Other passengers with whom we talked had similar experiences. Holland's upcharge of $35/person for the Pinnacle experience ought warrant that kind of charge. Currently, it falls far short! And yes, I expressed the above concerns to the Pinnacle maitre 'D whose response bordered on being rude and dismissive.
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