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  1. I agree. We cancelled last week and uses the POM. I’m ok with getting a credit but there are so many restrictions on how and when we can use it. We are trying to rebook, but we can’t even get a courtesy hold for longer than 2 days at a time since we want to go on a cruise in March.
  2. If you cancelled under Pom you should be getting it all back as Future cruise credit. Are you not getting that? I still am very upset about that credit because there are a TON of restrictions on using it. See my post on it.
  3. Did you cancel under the POM policy? We cancelled one last Friday due to a positive Covid test in our group. We are getting everything as future cruise credit, but there are so many rules and restrictions on using it that I would guess a lot of people give up or book a cheaper cruise and lose a lot of money. See the post I made regarding our experience.
  4. I wanted to share our unbelievable experience with NCL and their “Peace of Mind Credit”. To summarize, it is fairly impossible to use. We had to cancel our cruise that was due to leave on Jan 23, 2022 due to one of our party testing positive for Covid (though asymptomatic). Here are the loopholes with using the Credit given from the “Peace of Mind” Policy. 1) The credit is divided up amongst the passengers based upon the deal when you booked. Since the deals are changed, the payments for a new cruise would be different for each person than the credits given. 2) you cannot transfer a partial amount of the credit. Only all. So my daughter a a 500 credit but her cost of booked on a new ship is $300. We lose that $200. 3) Credit m cannot be used for on board credit, meal packages etc, only fare, taxes, gratuity, some pre-purchased excursions. That is it. 4) You can’t have them book airfare (to use some of that credit) unless you want to sail 90 days or more out, putting us in a completely different season in which our family is unable to take time off. 5) It takes 14 business days to get the credit. So you cannot use it to rebook for -bout 3 weeks. 6) ncl will not do a courtesy hold on a trip while you wait for that credit to come. So now we are stuck. We are only able to cruise until the third week of March, but everything expires by Dec 2022. We cannot book for another 2 weeks, so we cannot buy airfare until then. By the , air far will be triple. This has been an eye opening experience and we are going to cancel all you’re bookings we had scheduled and let everyone know how awful our experience has been.
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