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  1. We are looking at Celebrity, HAL and Princess. We have sailed with them many times and had excellent guest service. So far on the other boards not much negative comments about them. These cruise lines are premium lines. NCL is losing in the long term by keeping a small amount and not getting any much more from us in the future. we have two sailings on hold with NCL. Will be cancelling now.
  2. We used to love sailing with NCL but never again after the company has decided not to honour Canadian travel advisory and give us a credit on our January 05 and January 16th sailings. we have two future sailings and are going to cancel now. NCL LOSING MONEY IN THE LONG RUN. NEVER NEVER NEVER NCL AGAIN.
  3. We canceled Encore sailing on January 16, 22also But still haven’t received anything from NCL. seems like NCL doesn’t want a long term relationship with the guests and grab the money they have right now. May be it’s time for some of us to give our business to other companies
  4. It’s sad seems like that NCL is not getting good feedback and reviews on different discussion boards. this will decide company’s future
  5. Seems like NCL is not thinking a long term relationship with the guests. Sadly want to keep your few dollars but are losing in the long term how much you will be spending with them in future. we are in the same boat and are thinking of jut dropping NCL from our cruise company list.
  6. Please discuss if any one has got any settlement from NCL for canceled sailing this month (January 22) we have canceled two cruises under sail with confidence program. NCL would not give us anything back in any shape.
  7. We canceled our 2 sailings this month also. Lost all the money with NCL. we are looking at curaçao and Aruba resorts. thwy do have some good last minute deals we think going to these small islands in April or May or June May be safer and less risky. And have booked Alaska Hawaii sailings Oct 2022.
  8. Sorry to know about your case with NCL. It’s a very very bad business decision for NCL AND bad customer service. We have had to cancel our 2 sailings with NCL this January. Still have not received any settlement from NCL. We have sailed many times with the company But no more sailings with NCL.
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