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  1. Unless it is posted in the advisory on the NCL site then you are good to go still!
  2. We got canceled for the escape in 11 days! I'm so bummed but. It is what it is... It is not Norwegians fault that covid sucks! We have another also booked in April! The way I see it is We now have a bigger budget for April's cruise! Providing it happens. If it doesn't We will get a full refund just like we are for January's cxld cruise. I have nothing bad to say.. I live in Maine and the current temp is -9 degrees lol was I looking forward to some 70s weather? Sure! But things are not as they used to be.. Norwegian is giving us a full refund! I can't complain about that! Also discount which I believe we can add to our transatlantic in 2023! So... Kudos!!!
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