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  1. Got official cancellation email for Jan 18th Dawn cruise at 6:10 pm today, Jan 11. Note the above mentioned advisory was posted on website well before receipt of email.
  2. Top of NCL website has link to advisory that a number of near term January 2022 cruises will not be happening. I've not seen or heard of this elsewhere. Had a Jan 18th cruise on NCL Dawn which I cancelled yesterday that is on that list today. I think I may have flinched a day too soon and may not get the FCC benefits for those on suspended service bookings.
  3. Email today from NCL regarding booked cruise announcing NCL is re-instating testing of all passengers at terminal before boarding. This is going back to the COVOD precautions currently in place.
  4. While going thru NCL FAQ questions out of curiosity, I discovered NCL is no longer testing every passenger while absorbing testing costs starting Jan 17th. See the website FAQ question "Do I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival at the terminal?" Beginning that date you need proof of a PCR or antigen test administered no more than 2 days before. We are scheduled to be on Dawn departing Jan 18th so we need a test taken that Sun or Mon. If you cannot provide an acceptable proof, NCL will have testing at the terminal available at a charge of $99/person. We are less than a month out and have yet to be informed by NCL. We booked direct with NCL so there is no travel agent involved who might have dropped the ball. https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/cruise-faq/do-i-need-take-covid-19-test-prior-arrival-terminal
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