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  1. You are absolutely right Homer - Cancel the excursions first! Every NCL office was closed when we cancelled on 1/31 the night before embarkation. I felt lucky that I read on Cruisehive about the changed PoM policy issued just that day and happy to find a link to the form that I used to invoke PoM . Also, unbelievably, that I actually got an immediate response after submitting my request form to "change itinerary" which confirmed cancellation and FOC to be credited within 7 days. I called the next day just to double-check and had no problem getting through to someone to confirm.
  2. NCL updated the "Peace of Mind" policy on 1/1 & it is in effect until 1/31/22. To my understanding if you call PoM dept and cite PoM as the reason you can receive a future cruise credit. Better than $0 because FCC can be transferred to someone else if you choose never to sail NCL again. See PoM FAQs for phone # all the "small print."
  3. My understanding is once you have paid in full you can only get cruise credit and you must quote the "peace of mind" policy in order to even get the credit. If you don't, the regular cancellation policy applies. This is the updated policy in effect until January 31st. I just did this on 1/1 for our 1/2 NCL cruise and we are getting credit back for everything we paid, including prepaid excursions - but NO cash back. I suggest you wait until you are sure because you cannot change your mind & get the same cruise back. There is a chance CoVID may get better soon. I definitely WOULD have taken my cruise (to get away from all the unvaxed people in my town!) but my fellow travellers refused and you cannot back out individually - it is per reservation. Read the NCL Peace of Mind FAQs for even more information and the specific phone number to call.
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