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  1. I think they updated the mask policy until mid February. I found this: With cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 continuing to sweep through different communities and ports of call, Royal Caribbean International has decided to extend its tightened face mask policy at least through February 14, 2022.
  2. I don't believe rebooking is anywhere in the contract as terms to get a refund. The lady led me into the question and it was on a recorded line. I realized what she wanted me to say and after I did she told me she could do the refund. I had a pretty heavy penalty for canceling and getting a refund so I was waiting to see if they would take fee's out. I didn't say anything other than what she was asking. Just sharing my experience, for whatever that's worth.
  3. I have no complaints against RCCL. 1/6 I called and told them I wanted to cancel my 2/5 cruise and wanted a refund. They asked why I wanted to cancel and I told them it was because of COVID. I also re-booked for 1 month later. I got a full refund yesterday and it's in time to pay the balance for the re-booked cruise. I think the key to the refund is the reason you are canceling.
  4. Well it doesn't seem like we need a test to re-enter. For cruises ending in Puerto Rico, all guests will be automatically enrolled in the SARA alert program upon disembarking the cruise ship. This is an open-source tool allowing public health officials to monitor individuals at risk for COVID-19 and is also the same alert program used for guests registering with Travel Safe for air entry. I'm looking for a flight out but Southwest doesn't have any good times for to fly back to Chicago. I guess I need to work Google to figure it out!
  5. I was able to switch my 1/9/22 Explorer cruise to 2/6/22. Wasn't cheap to switch in case anyone is thinking about changing.
  6. One thing they left out is how they will address additional testing if a port requires a negative test to disembark. That tells me that they would rather sail by a port rather than give us tests so we are able to get off.
  7. I'm going on Explorer 1/9. I agree finding any information is a struggle. Thanks to Flcen for giving us an update. I did get an email last night from RCCL that gave us the option to cancel or rebook cruises departing though 1/17. If we are not going to the all the ports and a chance of not going to any of the ports rebooking might be the best option.
  8. As a last resort you can pay and get the test at the cruise terminal I believe.
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