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  1. it wouldn't create any jobs since ships carry their own tendering boats for just this situation.
  2. Eric

    Key west

    The people of key west voted to ban large cruise ships. A few smaller ones have docked this year.
  3. The shot is insane as it causes serious circulatory problems or death in about 1% that we know about. Of course the media giants won't tell you this. Also if anyone can explain how an unvaccinated person is a danger to someone who is supposedly vaccinated I would appreciate it. Those with any critical thinking skills have done the real research, not just listening to TV or youtube commentary. For instance did you know there is a new line of monoclonal antibodies which prevent covid 99% and are available now. Did you know Ivermectin is now CDC approved for covid and has saved millions of lives in places like India where real science sometimes practiced without worry for what Fauci said.
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