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  1. As a commercial fisherman, I’ve been closely following this topic, and see an Extreme difference in the water quality and marine life since the cruise ships were Finally stopped. Apparently the cruise lines aren’t happy with this, but it is the Best thing for the sea and sea creatures. HOWEVER, I actually thought up an Actual Remedy to this entire issue that would benefit Key West And the environment And the cruise lines combined. Ferry in . It’s that simple and it’s been being done on other shallow water islands. How it works and Needs to work. The Big large draft cruise ships STAY IN DEEP WATERS SAFELY WELLLL BEYOND THE REEF. All the turbulence from the cruise ships actually Kills the fragile coral reef and marine life. So what needs to happen is Key West and the cruise ships Hire small vessel captains to pick up the cruisers from the ships. This is an opportunity for local boat captains as well as the cruise lines. The cruisers have a choice to go the Key West, picked up by a Local Catamarans, and brought to the islands. It could be an absolutely fabulous and sought after adventure. Result: Coral Reef is happy, sea creatures are happy, water quality stays good, key west is happy, small boat captains are happy with this new contract, cruise lines are happy, and the cruisers are happy. It’s a win for everyone…
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