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  1. @RICK9772 we may be on the same sailing. Are you on NCL Epic in Jan 21? I've been to Costa Maya once before and it's a great port but I would be disappointed too if I wanted to scuba dive in Belize only to find out it gets cancelled. The ship is also going to Cozumel which is another good scuba diving destination. Not sure how both compare since I don't scuba dive. NCL should offer the option to cancel and book another cruise.
  2. @Cruising Caribbean yes, this will be the first time on NCL Epic. Regarding @bombarc if the ship has lots to do, then, yes, sea days are great to see and do everything on board but if it's a smaller ship or one you've sailed on before, then too many sea days may not be welcome.
  3. @3Sisters this will be my 3rd cruise, the 2nd with NCL. My first cruise was on MSC Seaside. This is the first time there have been itinerary changes. It is true what you say about the false advertising by not following through with the original itinerary and having so many changes. I'm surprised that the cruise line doesn't offer the option to cancel or switch to a different cruise. I guess cruises are different than an all inclusive vacation. @RICK9772 are you sailing on NCL Epic too on Jan 21?
  4. @3Sisters I'm sure it does but I purchased travel insurance and there is a number to call for medical assistance in case of an emergency.
  5. Well, it is what it is. All cruise lines make changes at some point. Some more than others. I'll check the website for excursion options and if nothing stands out, I'll get off the ship and walk around, buy souvenirs and go back and laze on the pool deck. I have no issue doing that.
  6. Actually, on this trip I'm booked on NCL Epic. I sailed on NCL Getaway in 2019. There's been 2 itinerary changes and we'll see if that's all the changes they make. @bombarc you'll have plenty of time to enjoy all the ship has to offer.
  7. @Kendall James-Vargas I purchase travel insurance everytime I travel. You just never know and better be prepared than sorry. I live in Canada and while our provincial medical coverage covers medical expenses out of the country, it is not sufficient coverage plus it does not include baggage loss, damage or delay, trip cancellation, etc.
  8. All travellers should get travel insurance. You never know what could happen. You don't want to get stuck with a huge bill if you need medical assistance while abroad. Plus, if you need to cancel your trip, you want to be covered for that as well or your baggage goes missing en route. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  9. I don't mind going to Costa Maya actually. I was there in April 2019 on an NCL Getaway cruise and I loved it. I did a beach day excursion. They should update the excursion list in a couple of weeks. This is the second itinerary change so hopefully this is it. I'm excited about visiting Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas so fingers crossed they don't cancel that port of call.
  10. Yeah, I would likely to go to Alaska next but I will see depending on cost.
  11. @Emrys I do and today I received another itinerary change. We are no longer going to Belize. Instead, the ship is going to Costa Maya, Mexico.
  12. I am dreaming of some day going on an Alaska cruise and Hawaii cruise. Greece, Spain and Italy are also a dream of mine.
  13. I'm ok with the itinerary change. The ship is still going to Belize so not like it's going someplace different altogether. No I've never been to Isle of Man. A Europe cruise is on my bucket list so maybe one day.
  14. FYI, if anyone is sailing on NCL Epic on Jan 21, 2024 I just received a notification of an itinerary change. Instead of visiting Harvest Cay, Belize on Jan 25, we are now visiting Belize City. This change is due to port congestion in Harvest Cay on Jan 25.
  15. Have you sailed on Norwegian Epic? Just wondering your thoughts, if you've sailed on it already. I'm booked on that ship departing from Orlando on Jan 21, 2024. I've sailed on Norwegian Getaway and MSC Seaside and I enjoyed both ships although the shows were better on MSC Seaside.
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