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  1. Not necessarily negative about the WHOLE ship....why do I have to be so specific to have an opinion? I read passenger reviews on Cruise Critic who actually were on this ship and they commented about the "limited seating" at all the venues and how lucky you will be to get a seat if you don't book it seconds after you board or if you are not in the Haven. I also read how small the buffet is and that you have to search for a seat and maybe go sit somewhere else unless the weather is good and you can sit outside. There are many many who have reported this and I was simply responding to it... and yes they are commanding a higher price than all their other ships. We are going regardless and will deal with the negative areas of this cruise.
  2. After reading all the negative reviews of the new Prima which we are booked on in May, I hope I will not be saying "Good Riddance NCL" too. I am on the fence about canceling it. Not sure if you can transfer the trip insurance you bought to another cruise, but if I can then I may cancel. My deposit was minimal so I don't care if I lose that.
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