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  1. I'm asking for my TA if anyone has been offered Paxlovid or Remdesivir as a Treatment for Covid while On a Ship? I see from people that get Covid and are Quarantined seem to be mostly offered over the counter Meds. that treat the Symptoms of Covid. I will be on a 14 night Alaska Cruise in 3 weeks and would like to know what Treatments are being offered?
  2. Diversity in Cruise Lines is a good thing. With Cruise lines like Virgin and Viking that are totally different in their Targeted Guest demographics it is possible to find the Ships we Each like to sail on. The Cruise industry grew with the advance of the Baby Boom generation but with our passing the Next generation has a broad range of choices of where and how they will cruise.👍
  3. I just read about the aging of Carnivals fleet of ships. What is not mentions is the Impact on the Cruise Industry of the MSC cruise line. MSC is a privately family-owned company with huge resources. They are building New Ships at a rapid pace and incorporating all the latest technology and style that the Demographic they are wanting to attract are looking for. While I Personally do not fit that demographic and will not sail on their Ships, they are focused on Price and jamming in as many guests (Per Gross Ship Tonnage) as possible. This arrangement is not new but what Is New is that this is a Cruise Line based in Europe and focused on European Cruisers. The Largest Cruise Lines of the recent past have been US controlled Companies and now they have to compete with MSC for the Second biggest (Mediterranean/European) Market. MSC has tried with mixed results to get a bigger share of the Caribbean market by trying what they Think American Cruisers want in the way of onboard entertainment and features. MSC is the Elephant in the Room that the US controlled cruise lines are going to be dealing with as they move forward.😟
  4. Carnival is known for its Bargain pricing and be aware that this leads to finding ways to save on Maintenace, Staffing and safety. MSC has learned from Carnival's business model, but their Ships are Newer and don't have as many issues (Yet) as Carnival. Like most things in Life you get what you pay for (Less with Carnival) and seldom More than you pay for. Spend a little more on a Mid level cruise line and get a better result.
  5. This fire was the result of a poor design and deferred maintenance. Carnivals whale tail funnel design is a sure way to cause a Fire in the buildup of stack gas soot. Hot gas wants to rise Straight Up and making do a sharp turn only contributes to slowing the speed of the gas and that leads to a separation of soot from the gas and an accumulation of soot in the funnel. If you have a good Chimney Sweep program this kind of fire is preventable. I was on another Carnival ship that had an engine room fire and that was the Last Carnival Cruise ship I will ever be on. Like most things in Life you get what you pay for. Often Less (Carnival) seldom More.
  6. Thats Easy! We have sailed on 25+ cruises with different cruise lines (Many only Once) and by far Alejandro on Celebrity Millennium brings an Energy and sense of Humor that is special. We sailed on Millennium in June 2021 from St. Maarten and in July from Seattle (to Alaska) and he delighted us so much we will sail on Millennium again this December to the Caribbean. Most Cruise Directors are nothing special but Alejandro IS special. He gets the Captain Involved in his act and they Both were at the gangway Thanking every Guest as we left the Ship at the end of the cruise.
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